The brand

Founded in 2014, our brand aims to share with you ethnic leather products, brightly colored and decorated with geometric shapes as well as unique patterns. These creations result from a fusion of diverse manufacturing techniques, implemented by talented artisans across the globe. Each of our artisans brings unique know-how and exceptional technicality to the creation of each piece.
We are fully committed to sustainable consumption in the world of fashion, by promoting artisanal work. Our concept is anchored in our ethical values, including the traceability of our raw materials, the making of high-quality, limited-edition products, and our close collaboration with leather craftsmen. Each of our items is made in small workshops on a human scale, where every detail is carefully worked to give each piece a unique singularity.
We guarantee the traceability of our raw materials, such as skins, accessories and buckles. Our materials mainly come from end of stocks of major French leather goods brands and renowned Italian tanneries. KOMBI KYU accessories are designed with carefully selected leather, each skin being unique and shaped by artisans who are passionate about leather goods.
Throughout our collections, you will discover unique and colorful models. The design of KOMBI KYU bags is created in France by designer Nour, then designed by talented artisans around the world. For me, it's a way to explore the world and delve into different cultures and traditions. Adopting KOMBI KYU means daring to look. Our colorful products allow you to stand out and assert your uniqueness, because KOMBI KYU is unlike any other brand. We offer limited and original pieces.
Our goal is to make quality accessible to all women who appreciate elegant, often expensive, products. We maintain high standards when making our products, using top quality materials and paying particular attention to finishing, whether for cutting or sewing. It is important to note that the nature of leather is complex, distinguishing itself from other materials by its variations: the colors can differ from one hide to another, the natural markings of the leather make each hide unique and may present irregularities. These characteristics are not considered defects, but rather the distinctive signs of the material. The handcrafted manufacturing of some of our bags may result in finishes and seams with some irregularities, emphasizing the unique character of each piece.

My story

KOMBI KYU is a designer named Nour and artisans from around the world!
I like to dream and make my dreams come true! Today, at a time when entrepreneurship begins at a young age, I launched my first collection in 2014, at the end of my higher education. My educational background did not predestine me for a future in fashion, but my passion for fashion accessories did! My creativity began with my desire to undertake.

Why fashion?

The passion for fashion has always accompanied me. Even as a little girl, I was nicknamed “the miss” because I liked to choose my outfits by playing with colors. Rave compliments on my clothing choices punctuated my schooling and continued throughout my adult life. love fashion, I never imagined it would lead me to become a handbag designer. After finishing college, the idea of ​​owning a "handbag boutique" began to take shape. germinate in me. My passion for original and colorful accessories, which do not go unnoticed, led me to dream of this unique universe. I even had two handbags of the same model, but different colors. When I shared this desire with friends, they replied "stop dreaming, Nour". Despite this, I said to myself maybe one day, because I like to dream and make my dreams come true .

After obtaining my diploma, I entered the professional world in business. It became more and more obvious that I was not cut out to spend my entire days in an office, I missed the creative side. It was at that moment that I seriously questioned my future, looking for what I would like to do, because I could not find my place in the world of bureaucracy. That's when I remembered that many people saw me evolving in the fashion field, always appreciating my dressing style.

But in which fashion sector? More seriously, I started thinking seriously about it, and that's when my first idea of ​​creating handbags came to the surface. However, the problem was that I didn't know where to start, especially because I didn't know how to draw. So why not be a little crazy? So I decided to treat myself to what I call the "Beginner's Kit: Canson paper, 2H pencil and colored pencils. It was the start of an adventure where ideas flowed as if I always had this creativity in me.

With my modest savings in my pocket, in 2014, I launched my first collection of handbags, the beginning of a story that I hope will be beautiful and full of success.


The first step in the design process of our products is design: using my creative mind, I draw my models by mixing colors and combining different geometric shapes. Then comes the stage of choosing materials where we often use technical processes to create leather that is unique and specific to KOMBI KYU. By constantly experimenting with new materials, all our handbags are made largely from leather scraps from major French leather goods houses. The traceability of our products is a determining part of our values. (Traceability consists of having the necessary and sufficient information to identify the composition of a material or product, and the ability to follow a product throughout the chain.)
Each collection results from close collaboration with artisans, each bringing their unique know-how. Manufacturing is carried out both by machine and by hand, in small leather goods workshops. At KOMBI KYU, each bag is a unique piece. We seek beauty and individuality in every product, which is why natural variations in texture and color are an integral part of our designs.